My love for reptiles started in 1998.

My bother had just brought home a beautiful Green Tree Python, and I was addicted immediately!

A few weeks later (I am unsure if it was because I was always annoying him about his snake), he came home with a gift for me!

My very own baby Corn Snake!

Since that day, I have had several reptiles to share my life with and learn from. I became obsessed with furthering my knowledge regarding all things reptile.

Including the time I learned the hard way to check to see if my Corn Snake was safely in his vivarium when I brought a date home! He wasn’t. Needless to say, it cut the rest of the date short.

I decided to create Reptile Focus as an area where I can share my experiences, share my knowledge, and guide you into picking the right reptile and reptile gear.

If you have any advice or comments regarding the site – please feel free to reach out to me!