14 Best Reptiles For Apartment Living (Snakes and Lizards)

There is always a pet reptile that can fit in your apartment – no matter how small or large your apartment is.

Yes, you read that right.

For instance, not all lizards grow to be over 6 feet long – thus needing ample enclosure space.

Some lizards can fit into enclosures as small as 10-gallon tanks – making them a good fit for your apartment. Snakes also make good pet options for apartment living rooms.

Do you want to know which pet reptiles (other than traditional pets) are best for your apartment?

Then, this article is for you.

This article contains a list of reptiles (small pets and mid-size) that will best suit your apartment. This list will help you make an informed decision on which pet reptiles to keep.

After all, exotic pets are awesome, right?

7 Awesome Lizard Species for Apartments

When it comes to pet lizards, there are several species. Each species possesses an outstanding feature(s) that make it a good pet for your apartment.

Here is a list of some of the best, low-maintenance lizards you can keep as pets in your apartment.

Leopard geckos

Leopard gecko

A leopard gecko will not only add to the beauty of your apartment, but it will also not stress you out with its cares. The usual appearance of leopard geckos is yellow, white, with black spots.

If you stay in a small apartment, you need a small reptile that does not require a large tank. A leopard gecko fits the bill. Adult leopard geckos do not usually exceed 10 inches in length (tails included).

Leopard geckos are relatively easy to tame – even for beginners. Occasionally, leopard geckos squeak and chirp – especially when they are hungry. They have a long lifespan as a leopard gecko can live for over 20 years.


Green anole

A green anole is one of the cheapest pet lizards available. Therefore, their diets and housing should not be much of a burden to you. However, the maintenance of their tanks must be done frequently and with care.

You need not worry about having much space to house them; a 10-gallon tank will do for two anoles. After all, the male anole (which grows to be slightly longer than females) is usually just eight inches!

Additionally, anoles can add to the elegance of your apartment living room as apartment dwellers. They are known to sometimes change their colors from brown to emerald green.

Bearded dragons

Bearded dragon

Another pet suitable for an apartment living room is the bearded dragon. However, they require more room than the lizards previously mentioned in this article. Generally, bearded dragons are docile and friendly.

Do you need a pet to bond with? Get a bearded dragon. They tolerate handling well. Some even perch on the shoulders of their owners. A beardie’s lifespan ranges from six to ten years.

When housing bearded dragons, keep male beardies separately as they tend to become territorial. You should also include hiding spots in the tanks to make the habitat more comfortable for the beardies.

House geckos

House gecko

You do not need a large enclosure to keep a house gecko. It is always interesting to watch house geckos climb. However, as great climbers, it is best to get them a tall tank to climb around.

House geckos can also be useful for insect control because they feed on insects attracted to the light in their enclosures. Like other reptiles, you want to make their habitats as natural as possible.

Therefore, you should put driftwood or live plants in their enclosures for them to climb. You should especially take note of their lighting and diet to prevent them from having metabolic bone disease (MBD).

Ackies monitor lizard

Ackies monitor lizard

Would you love to have the komodo dragon as a pet, but you cannot because you have a small apartment? Then, an Ackie is an ideal choice for you.

An Acanthurus monitor is very similar in appearance to the komodo dragon, only that its size is way smaller than the giant size of the komodo – which requires a huge cage.

Adult Ackies are usually around 24 – 28 inches. However, if you are not ready for a long-term commitment, you should not get an Acanthurus.

They can live for as long as 20 years!

Crested geckos

Crested gecko

Another lizard that you can choose as a pet in your apartment is a crested gecko. Generally, the size of crested geckos ranges from seven to nine inches; all you’ll need to house one adult crestie is a 20-gallon tank.

If you intend to keep a group of them, do not keep more than one male per group. Also, crested geckos are great climbers with toe pads that allow them to climb vertical surfaces effortlessly.

To allow them to climb freely and live comfortably, you should give them as many climbing options as possible (bamboo, driftwood, or cork bark).



Chuckwallas are medium-sized lizards. The typical size of adult chuckwallas varies between 15 – 20 inches. They belong to the same family as Iguanas. Chuckwallas tolerate handling better than other reptiles.

However, they are expensive and rare to find. Most pet stores don’t have them. So if you do find chuckwallas, they make great pets for an apartment setting.

Chuckwallas are dimorphic (that is, the male species are distinctive from the female species).

7 Snake Species for Apartment Living

If you do not like lizards, you can try other pets like snakes. Below is a list of pet snakes you can keep as pets in your apartment living rooms.

Corn snake

Corn snake

Corn snakes are popular as pets – particularly for their colorful patterns. Furthermore, they are suitable for your apartments (no matter how small). All you need to house these gorgeous creatures is a 20-gallon enclosure (long and low tanks).

The life expectancy of a corn snake is between 15 – 20 years. They do not get very large – length typically varies between 2.5 to 4 feet. Generally, a corn snake can tolerate its owners’ handling and is docile.

A corn snake was my first ever snake!

Milk snakes

Milk snake

These beautiful, non-venomous, docile, and medium-sized reptiles have many species – about 25 subspecies! Each species has different appearances (size, color, and patterns).

Milk snakes are low-maintenance pets. These pet reptiles are suitable for beginners. Also, their ‘tank requirements’ is just twenty gallons.

Rosy boas

Rosy boa

Due to many reasons, rosy boas are the ideal pets for just about any apartment. Some of these reasons will include their timidness and docile nature; they are non-venomous and do not grow to be very large.

Adult rosy boas are expected to be about 3 – 4 feet long. Their non-venomous nature means they do not impose any danger on everyone in the house.

Ball pythons

Ball python

A ball python is a good pet option if you are a beginner. I had one as my second snake. Adult ball pythons are smaller than other constricting snakes (length ranges from 4 to 5 feet).

Generally, ball pythons are docile and relatively easy to care for. You can even keep them in a 20-gallon tank (for a start). They may outgrow it after a few years, though.

King snakes

King snake

The “king among snakes” is a non-venomous snake. They generally make great pets in apartments. They are nocturnal creatures, spending most of their time hiding.

King snakes have different personalities. Therefore, it is advisable to watch your snake closely to understand and tame it easily.

In addition, they do not grow to be very large – the scarlet king snake only grows to two feet! Thus, they will fit in small spaces.

Garter snakes

Garter snake

Garter snakes will also be an excellent choice for small apartments. Interestingly, it only grows to be 2 feet maximum and possesses a thin body.

They will not take up much space in your apartment as they often curl to a ball when sleeping. Garter snakes are docile and pose no threat to people.

Also, they are non-venomous and diurnal. 2 feet by 1 feet enclosure will do for garter snakes. Plus, they are great companion animals and relatively easy to care for.

Hognose snakes

Hognose snake

Once you take care of their housing and feeding, hognose snakes are pretty easy to handle. In addition, a hognose snake is suitable for apartments due to its mid-size.

The average size of adult hognose snakes is less than 2 feet. Additionally, they are docile, and you can tame them to enjoy human interaction – if you care for them properly.

Although hognose snakes secret venom in their saliva, they rarely bite. Moreover, the venom only harms small prey – it is not shown to be harmless to humans.


So, if you are looking for a low-maintenance pet that doesn’t require a lot of space, one of the best reptiles for apartment living may be a perfect choice.

Consider some of the options on this page and do your research before making a final decision. With so many different types of reptiles to choose from, there is sure to be one that fits both your lifestyle and personality.

Good luck!

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